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Child around world
St. Gerard Majella School
A Family School

10 Carrelton Drive, Paterson NJ 07522


School Activities

In honor of St. Francis' feast day, the school children bring their pets to be blessed.
October 16th is the feast of St. Gerard. Each year we collect baby items and donate them in honor of our patron saint.
The First Grade Students take center stage each year on All Saints Day. They each dress up as a saint and teach the rest of the school about their saint.
This fall Filippini Sr. Mary Beth visited each classroom to tell them about conditions in India and Africa and how much their donations to the missions helped the children there.
The Scholastic Bookfair is held during the week of Report Card Conferences in the fall. This is an opportunity for parents to chose appropriate books for their children as well as an important fundraiser for our school.
Thanksgiving is the time for the Seventh Grade class to shine. As part of their history studies, the research a person from early America, dress up as that person and present a report about him or her.
The children enjoy our annual Thanksgiving Banquet.
Each year St. Gerard Majella School celebrates the holiday season with a special concert.
On Christmas Eve, the children act out La Pasada, the journey of Joseph & Mary as they try to find a place to rest for the night.
St. Lucy Filippini was born on January 13. It is a special day here at St. Gerard's.
The safety of children is very important to us. Whenever a program comes along that can aid this goal we gladly participate. The Passaic County Sheriff's Department offered the R.A.D. Kids program to help build self-esteem and develop safety awareness. Our first and second graders took part in January. The third and fourth graders will have the opportunity to participate in May.
The St. Gerard Majella Senior group hold a special place in our school. Several times a year the students entertain them or present them with cards.
Lent is the time to pray the Stations of the Cross but Eighth Grade leads the school as they walk along with Jesus by presenting the Living Stations of the Cross.
Our children are very generous in giving money to the missions. Occasionally a missionary visits to thank the children and show them where their money goes.
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