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Child around world
St. Gerard Majella School
A Family School

10 Carrelton Drive, Paterson NJ 07522


Our Principal

Sr. Jo-Ann Pompa, M.P.F.
Sr. Jo-Ann is a Filippini sister and is in her 5th year at St. Gerard Majella School. One of her main goals has been to create a family oriented school. Through monthly family nights that employ prayer, fun and fellowship, she has attained this goal.

Each student at St. Gerard's is a Shining Star. Sister makes every effort to encourage students to reach their potential. Our day begins with and is centered around prayer. This an essential practice.

Sister Jo-Ann is well respected as a principal. In 2002, she was asked to be a presenter at the National Catholic Educators Association convention and she proudly used St. Gerard Majella School as a model of multiculturalism in an urban Catholic school.

Enjoying Mardi Gras, just one of the many family nights that are held each year.
Sister Jo-Ann gives her presentation at the NCEA Convention. Sister poses with the baby who played Jesus in this year's Christmas pageant.
Honoring St. Gerard's feast day by collecting baby items.
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