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St. Gerard Majella School
A Family School

10 Carrelton Drive, Paterson NJ 07522


Monthly Newsletters

September 2007

Dear Parents/Guardians, September 2007

Thank you for making the opening of school a successful one. We are off to a great start! The children are beautiful and very excited about our new school year. The faculty, staff and I want you to know that we appreciate you and all the cooperation and support you give us so that together we can make a difference.

Today your child will bring home an envelope filled with very important information. We ask that you carefully read and go over everything. Please use the envelope to return the forms that you have filled out and signed for us by Friday, September 7th.

Our lunch program begins today. Kindergarten – Eighth Grade students participate in the hot lunch program. Pre-K is not eligible under New Jersey Regulations to participate in the School Lunch Program and must bring their lunch and snack in a lunchbox from home. You have received an application for the reduced lunch program in your packet. At the end of September you will be informed if you qualify to receive free or reduced lunches. Until that point please pay the full price of $2.10 a day. All children may choose to bring home lunch if they do not wish to participate in the hot lunch program.

Complete school uniform is required to be worn each day. Please refer to your handbook for a detailed description of the uniform.

Our drop off and pick up routines have been safe and effective, we ask you to continue to follow them. In the morning, all children are to be dropped off in front of the school building. If you must come into the building, please park in the lot. For dismissal, younger children will join their older siblings and be dismissed together.

• Kindergarten is dismissed from the classroom door on the church side of the building.
• Grades 1, 2 & 3 are dismissed from the front door of the school.
• Grades 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 are dismissed from the Furrey Place door.
All parents must come to the door to receive the child/ren directly from their teacher. This is for the safety of your child/ren.

On Tuesday, September 11th you are invited to join us at 10:30 am for a Liturgy in the church. We will remember and pray for all our heroes whose lives have been lost due to this tragic event.

Back to School Night is an opportunity for all parents to meet their children’s teacher on Thursday, September 13th at 7:00 PM in St. Joseph’s Center. There will also be a Home and School Meeting and an Eighth Grade Parent’s Meeting.

Gym classes are held on Tuesdays and will begin on September 18th. Students need to wear their gym uniforms on Tuesdays. Please note: Gym shorts may be worn under sweatpants. Please do not send children to school in shorts.

MORNING PRAYER is essential! Please make sure your child is in school by 8:00 AM when prayer begins. We want to work together with you to help provide your child with the very best education we can.

I challenge all eighth graders to take on leadership roles in their school, and to strive to achieve at least one award for graduation. There are scholarships available to local Catholic Schools with the only requirement being good study and work habits. It will be a great year for each of them to remember!

We have many exciting events planned for this school year. We would like our parents and guardians to take an active part in the education of your child/ren because you are their first teachers.

Our dream has finally come true. A Science Lab is now available for our shining stars. The Pre-K building is now our Science Lab. We ask that anything you can donate or contribute to help us enhance our children in continuing education in the field of science will be appreciated. Many hours of planning and labor has gone into this long awaited project. We thank God for bringing our dream to a reality.

We welcome and invite you to help us continue achieving our goal and the dream we have for all our shining stars and impacting their lives with the Three A’s ~ Attendance, Attitude and Achievement! We provide your child/ren with the faith formation that they need to be successful for life. We need you to encourage your child/ren to pray, study and focus in class.

Homework is to be completed daily. Please supervise and be sure your child is prepared each day for classes.

Thank you for helping to make our first day back a wonderful experience. We appreciate your support and much needed cooperation to continue to keep St. Gerard Majella school the “Best Practice School” and a peaceful school where you are happy to send your child/ren.

May God bless you and may the year ahead be filled with much achievement for each family who means so much to all of us here. This is your home away from home!

With love and blessings,

Sr. Jo-Ann Pompa, M.P.F.

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